Pitch Deck Examples from Successful Companies

Pitch Deck Examples from Successful Companies 1

All About Pitch Decks

When it comes to pitching a startup idea to investors or making sales more effectively, pitch decks are considered an invaluable tool. In a pitch deck, persuasive communication is used to provide brief yet informative details of the startup’s product or service, its benefits, target audience, and the intended outcome of the investment.

Pitch Deck Examples from Successful Companies 2

Firstly, pitch decks should be unique and communicate the entire product/service explanation in just a few slides. These days people want quick, informative answers to their questions; so, pitch decks should aim to make the startup stand out from others.

Secondly, concise, convincing, and transparent content is a key feature for startup pitch decks. Avoid using technical jargon and making unrealistic claims. Provide factual information that clearly communicates the product or service’s value proposition.

Pitch Deck Example from Uber

Uber has set an example of one of the best pitch-deck designs. One of the slides, titled “Increasing Efficiency – Enhancing Employment,” lists some of its business benefits. The slide goes ahead to explain how the company improved the taxi sector, reduced traffic, and created thousands of new jobs. They concluded with an assertion that Uber is working towards redefining the public transportation sector with a futuristic vision.

Pitch Deck Example from Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the most successful startups, with a valuation of around $38 billion. Their pitch deck is considered one of the best, designed with the aim of creating an emotional connection with the reader. Airbnb’s pitch deck focuses on their hosts, explaining how the company is committed to connecting people who dream of having a place to stay.

The content lists the company’s goals, target audience, and the various stages of development. Airbnb’s pitch deck also includes a high level of detail about their financials, which helps create investor trust.

Pitch Deck Example from LinkedIn

LinkedIn created one of the most successful social networking platforms that focuses primarily on professionals. Their pitch deck displays the various ways users can create meaningful connections and provides an overview of their business models.

The content is designed to be easily understandable and to highlight the business model’s effectiveness. By choosing to focus on this, LinkedIn’s pitch deck set the tone for the platform’s success, nicely balancing revenue and usability.

Pitch Deck Example from Kickstarter

Kickstarter’s pitch deck is designed to state the company’s vision clearly. It begins with a “pre history” of all the best-known crowdfunding campaigns before Kickstarter came into being. By doing this, their pitch deck establishes the company’s mission to create a new type of funding platform. Additionally, the pitch deck couples several factual statistics to have the content more relatable, e.g., how 80% of crowdfunding campaigns fail to surpass their funding goal. Enhance your study by exploring this suggested external source. Inside, you’ll discover supplementary and worthwhile details to broaden your understanding of the subject. pitch deck service, give it a look!

The content includes the company’s fundraising statistics, which effectively establishes Kickstarter’s credibility in the business world. This helped raise the funding level among supporters from $20 million to $40 million within just one year.

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