The Grand Dunman Design Features

The Grand Dunman Design Features 1

The Grand Dunman Design Features 2

Color Schemes

The Grand Dunman building design features vibrant color schemes that incorporate a modern twist on classic styles. The color schemes are inspired by nature; therefore, the design team incorporated deep blue, neutral beige, and earthy tones into the palette. The color scheme is not overwhelming, which allows the architecture to speak for itself.


The Grand Dunman building design is modern with classic materials such as glass, marble, and natural woods. The exterior walls are made from high-grade glass with luxury vinyl timber cladding. The cladding adds both texture and definition while giving the building a natural appearance.

  • The first 7 levels display solid, evenly spaced windows mimicking the feeling of sails in the breeze
  • The remainder of the facade features a perforated metal screen with glimpses of golden light peaking through.
  • The materials create a polished and sophisticated look while still maintaining the natural aesthetic the designers aimed for.


    The Grand Dunman designers prioritized incorporating greenery throughout the building to enhance the connection between nature and architecture. The entrance of the building is decorated with tall trees and a lush green pathway to the entrance.

  • The central atrium is a vertical garden with over 25-meter, fern-clad walls, bringing much-needed warmth and vitality into the property.
  • Double-heighted ceilings with triple glazed curtain walls create a Sunroom that frames sweeping views across South Mumbai’s skyline.
  • The fusion of the natural elements seamlessly integrated with the building asserts a balance that provides comfort both inside and out of the building.

    Artistic Elements

    The Grand Dunman designers placed great emphasis on artistic elements throughout the building by collaborating with renowned artists, ceramicists, and glass-cutters to create unique, statement pieces.

  • The entrance of the building is adorned with a celebratory sculpture, commemorating the quintessential beauty of the building.
  • The design team also incorporated murals and distinctive glass elements into the building’s design, adding splashes of color and character throughout.
  • The artistic elements come together to create an unforgettable experience for both visitors and occupants, making the building a true masterpiece.


    The Grand Dunman building design features accessible elements to ensure everyone can enjoy the beauty of the building comfortably. The building encompasses ramps, elevators and incorporates specialized bathrooms accessible for individuals with disabilities. The design team prioritized safe access, which can be seen through the spacious exterior and interior walkways.

    In conclusion, the Grand Dunman building design incorporates many features that create a beautiful and functional structure. The fusion of natural elements and artistic elements generates a magnificent building that can be admired both inside and out by all visitors and occupants. If you’re eager to learn more about the topic, we’ve got just the thing for you. Grand dunman Showflat, explore the external source filled with additional information and insights.

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