The Hill @ One-North: A Hub for Young Professionals

The Hill @ One-North: A Hub for Young Professionals 1

The Hill @ One-North

The Hill @ One-North is a promising technological and research hub in Singapore’s Buona Vista region. The development spans across 12 acres of land and offers about 70,000 square meters of office space, making it one of the largest business parks in Singapore. Positioned as a one-stop center for research, incubation, and commercialization activities, The Hill @ One-North offers a conducive environment for young professionals seeking to work in the technology and innovation space in Singapore. Round out your educational journey by visiting this suggested external source. In it, you’ll find valuable and additional information to broaden your knowledge of the subject. the hill @ one north showflat, check it out!

Location and Connectivity

The Hill @ One-North is conveniently located close to the One-North MRT station, making it easily accessible to professionals from all over Singapore. It also has access to several bus routes, making commuting to the park extremely convenient. The surrounding area boasts of many amenities, such as parks and residential areas, providing job seekers and current employees with a great lifestyle outside work.

Attracting Young Professionals

The Hill @ One-North has become a desirable destination for young professionals, particularly in the technology and innovation sectors. With its design and construction, it attracts startups and established firms looking to innovate and expand. Many young professionals find the environment and the community at The Hill @ One-North appealing, as it fosters collaboration, creativity, and innovation through regular events and networking opportunities. There is a shared spirit among the residents of the park of striving to create impactful innovations that will shape the future.

Competitive Advantages

The Hill @ One-North has several competitive advantages that make it a hotbed for innovation and technological advancements. Firstly, it provides a conducive environment for a wide range of research activities, from data science to biomedical research. Secondly, its proximity to educational institutions such as the National University of Singapore and the Singapore Management University provides an opportunity for young professionals to tap into the pool of talents studying science, engineering, and technology. Finally, The Hill @ One-North’s location and accessibility make it a preferred location for attracting international talent, positioning Singapore as a hub for innovation and technology on a global scale.


The Hill @ One-North presents an excellent destination for young professionals seeking to work in a collaborative and challenging environment. With its ideal location, proximity to transportation and educational institutions, and its competitive advantages, it’s unsurprising that it has quickly become a hub for innovation, research, and technology in Singapore. With the continued growth of the park, we can expect that more young professionals will be drawn to it, contributing towards the growth of Singapore’s technology and innovation sector in years to come. Learn more about the topic in this external resource we’ve prepared for you. the hill @ one north.

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The Hill @ One-North: A Hub for Young Professionals 2

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